Pada means the foot.  Angustha is the big toe.  This posture is done by standing and catching the big toes.

Techniques of Padangusthasana :

1. Stand in Tadasana (Plate I) Spread the legs a foot apart.

2. Exhale, bend forward and hold the big toes between the thumbs and the first two fingers, so that the palms face each other.  Hold them right(Plate 43)

3. Keep the head up, stretch the disphram towards the chest and make the back as concave as possible.  Instead of stretching down from the shoulders, bend forward from the pelvic region to get the concave shape of the back from the coccyx.

4. Keep the legs stiff and do not slacken the grip at the knees and toes.  Stretch the shoulder- blades also.   Take one or two breaths in this position.

5. Now exhale, and bring the head in between the knees by tightening the knees and pulling the toes without lifting them off the floor. (Plate 44) Remain in this pose for about 20 sec. maintaining normal breathing.

6. Inhale, come to position 2 (plate 43) , release the toes and stand up.  Return to Tadasana (Plate 1)